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Bring you the most comprehensive and convenient features via utilizing map functions to search for all nearby bus routes.

Support OS: Android | iPhone | iPad

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CitybusNWFB 1.1.2

Requirements:Android 2.1.x or higher

新巴城巴 CitybusNWFB 1.4

Requirements:iOS 4.3 or higher



1. Why is GPS Service always on?
-The App activates GpsService to search for current location based on GPS/A-GPS setting of the phone. This service will be terminated after exiting the app (Press return button on phone in App main menu->Yes).
2. Must GPS be turned on to obtain current location and use alight reminder?
-An approximate location can be obtained by turning on wireless network (A-GPS / Wi-Fi), while switching on GPS can return a more accurate result.
3. How to cancel alight reminders?
-Press the bell once again.
4. What will “Journey Log Tracker” show if no alight reminder is set?.
-Last viewed bus route information will be displayed (still effective after restarting the app). If no route has ever been searched, the App will ask you to input a route number.
5. What does the bus icon in route details refer to?
-If you are on a bus, the bus icon is showing your current location. Otherwise, it represents the bus stop nearest to your current place.
6. Point-to-Point search: A map is shown after searching for origin/destination?
-It allows you to confirm the desired origin/destination on map and adjust when necessary simply by dragging. If you wish to return to the original position after dragging, press the blue icon.
7. What should I do to check or amend origin/destination after confirmation?
-Press the Map icon.
8. Occasionally, why is my current location in Causeway Bay?
-The default location is Causeway Bay in case the phone is unable to locate current position.

Citybus & New World First Bus (“NWFB”) Android App is now available bringing you the most comprehensive and convenient features via utilizing map functions to search for all nearby bus routes, and navigate you to the bus stops you desire. Wherever you are, you can access to the first-hand information of Citybus & NWFB. We ensure you an efficient and pleasant experience in planning and enjoying your every journey with us.

Key Functions:

*Genuine Point-to-Point Search
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